The world’s biggest bus


It’s Volvo this time that decided to how off its good sides. Volvo decided to show off their new bus among the other buses they made and showed recently in Brazil. This new bus is the biggestbus in the world since it can carry up to 300 people and is nearly 100 feet long.


Gran Artic 300 is three times bigger than a regular bus and has been shown in Rio de Janeiro during the trade show devoted to public transportation.

“The Artic 300, developed in Brazil, isn’t the first bi-articulated bus from Volvo, as the company has used this type of architecture since the ‘90s. Still, the new model holds 30 more passengers than its predecessor, a fact that Idam Stival, coordinator of sales engineering at Volvo Bus Latin America, says “represents a gain in scale efficiency, fleet reduction and emission reduction.” – these are the words of Volvo Bus Latina America’s president Fabio Tedeschini.

Gran Artic 300’s goalis to reduce pollution and save money to operators.