VW Golf Mk4 R32 Turbo with 564 hp


This is to all R32 owners in this forum who are considering R32 tuning. My previous car was 2.0T (GTI) which I tuned with APR (250 bhp) and now I’ve tuned my R32 to around 270 bhp. Even this topic is quite common in this forum I decided to share my story since having owned both GTI and R32 for me its quite clear to make comparison.

People that I’ve talked with about tuning R32 commented I would be insane to spend to non-turbo engine 1000-2000 eur to mods that would not bring much of power increase and much of anything actually, in their opinion. They all have 2.0T engines and as they see it, only tuning 2.0T is reasonable as it costs three times less than R32 tuning and will bring 40-50 bhp more where R32 tuning brings around 20 bhp. Well… =)

…Against other people comments and recommendations, I decided to put to my MKV R32 Revo tune, Milltek catback (resonated), Evoms intake and OZ light weight wheels. Wheels I got for free but to other mods I’ve spent 1500 euros and gained around 15-20 bhp with them. And what about results and comparison to 2.0T?

APR tune in GTI offered huge middle torque increase and great increased feeling of acceleration in around 3000-4500 rpm. That was 2.0T tune single greatest, and to my opinion only benefit. As cons regular driving (which counts most) with low rpms didnt’ get better at all. Also big turbo boost is not always nice at all in every day driving as power is focused even more narrow rpm area.

And R32 tuning experience:

– In low rpm increased throttle response and torque which is useful in every day drive

– mid range and high end torque increased clearly.

– SOUNDS got much better, thanks to milltek and evoms. Also milltek looks better than stock.

– As sum, car feels totally different (better).

Also light weight wheels were playing surprisingly noticeable role in performance. I switched yesterday from stock heavy winter tires back to OZ summer wheels and car got more responsive, clearly.

As my conclusion is that yes Id say tuning is worth the money, despite it costs 3 times more than GTI tune. In return you will get much more than mid range turbo boost.

Bottom line in R32 tuning is that overall driving experience has got better. You will get total different feel no matter how you drive the car, in traffic, cruising or revving the car to its limits. And that is what you will not get from 2.0T stage 1.

However, Id like to highlight that I would not certainly purchase only tune, intake or milltek alone to R32. But when purchasing all of them they truly provide better driving experience.

With my tuned GTI one time I raced stock MKV R32 and I was little bit faster compared R32 in rolling start. Now that I have my current mods in R32 I think I could at least keep up with stage 1 GTI in rolling start. In dig start stage 1 would have no chance at all. Of course stage 2 is different story but then is also price tag around the same than my current R32 mods, so I exclude it from this.

Yep, I recommend spending that 1500-2000 euros to R32 tuning if you have that money ready and burning in your wallet 🙂 You will get different R32, I promise that! =)