Top 5 Paintjobs & Wraps


 5. Glowing cars
Can either be standard glow in the dark paint or electronically illuminated. They typicallly go unnoticed during the day, but at night they light up and the glow becomes visible

4. Paramagnetic Paint
-is electoluminescent paint htat can change colour when it recives different voltages. It can be remote controlled by a SmartPhone which simply controls voltage to the paint.

3.Pearlecent paints
– contain ceramic crystals that refract light, splitting in two different colorus.  The colour of the paint varies depending on which angle you look at the car, which produces a cool effect when the car is in motion.

2.Chorme paints
Chrome paint will reflect all light around it, which produce a ‘mirror-like’ effect.

1. Holographic Chrome
-also known as Tri-Colour Chrome is hand down the most insane paintjob ever. Holographic chrome reflects all light around it, but the light shifts thorugh red, green and blue films within the crhome. The result is amazing, giving the car a futuristic ‘ wraping’ effect.