NEW IN MEDICINE: A child is born having three parents



In Mexico, a first child with genes from three different parents is born, scientists have announced. This miracle is a result of the controversial method called “artificial insemination with three parents”:

What is it about? There are some women in the world born with defect in the mitochondrial genes which could be carried on to the child. In order to avoid any damage a third person is involved.

Mitochondria are a tiny structure inside every cell found in cytoplasm providing energy to the cells. In order to avoid the genetic disorder to be transferred to a child, scientists took an ovary from a donor and put mother’s ovary’s nucleus, previously dredged, in it. This way “created” new ovary gets impregnated with father’s sperm and then put back into mother’s belly. Nine months later a child is born.


This child has the most of his mother’s and father’s genes and little, but existent, percentage of the donors genes. The new medicine era has begun.