What does Jeanne Calment has that none of us is going to have?



Jeanne Louise Calment is the longest living person the world has ever had. She was born in 1875 and died in 1997 which means she lived for 122 years.

More precisely, she lived 122 years and 164 days, a total of 44724 days. Her life was very active. She started practicing fencing when she was 85 and when she was still using the bike when she was 100 years old. She also smoked until 118th year. What else she loved? Chocolate! She ate almost 2 pounds of chocolate a week.


Breaking news: You are more probable in not living that long.

While it is true that medicine research is working towards the extension of the human life expectancy, it still cannot do anything about the maximum attainable threshold.

It has been published by “Nature” and comes from the accurate analysis from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of New York.

First they analyzed death registries values in over 40 countries. Since 1900, these nations have reduced older age mortality: the number of persons who live older than 70 has augmented, respectively with a year of birth. So they concluded there was a constant growth of median life expectancy.

Until a certain point: with their analysis they arrived to a conclusion that life expectancy has its limits and it stops it constant growth around 100 years. After that it decreases independently of the fact that a person is born sooner or later.

What we can expect is a median maximum life expectancy of 115 years, and an absolute expectancy of 125 years. Never say never but a probability of a person who arrives to 126 years of life is 1 in 10 000.