Incredibly creative and funny cars!



SMILEEEE! Wherever you go! Literally! Whether his owner wanted to replicate his own smile on this car or he just wanted to make everyone else smile this is surely one of the happiest cars in the world. I am kinda jelaous ’cause its teeth are whiter than mine! It’s not fer! Is it she or is it he? What do you think? Does his owner have to polish these “every morning for the beauty and every evening for the health” like we do? Funny!


Elegant  and fully made for fashion lovers! I wonder if you could choose color, type of shoe, I mean car.. Guys, how do they even drive this? Well the girl who chose her car to look like a shoe must be great at parking, otherwise she could loose her heel!


Let’s roooooll all over the road, over the others, cars and cats, dogs and people… I would try to drift with this one, it must be alot of fun!


Tiny miny little car.. Like cinderella’s modern pumpkin! Yet, I beat those Cinderella looking girls wouldn’t accept to enter here! It’s still cute, nice and easy to park. Also, allows to avoid all those favours to your old neighbord who needs you to transport him somewhere! Ha!


Add wings and you have a little aeroplane! I think.. Just chilling dude..In a blue little car.. Never seen before.. but just chilling..


Which one of these a girl would prefer? (Oh,I know I am so dirty minded!) A telephone ora biiiiiig sausage car? Hmmm… It reminds of hot line if you put it toogether.. Or is it just my dirty mind?




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