Germans “make the impossible possible again” (as usual)


Remember Moon landing last century? Well, apparently Germans have decided to prove it was not false. Their Lunar X-Prize team has announced the intention to send two mobile probes to the Moon in order to find the lunar rover left behind by the Apollo 17 mission. The goal is to prove that the humanity has actually done this giant step before.


PT Scientists is a group made of 16 teams currently after the 30 million dollars Google Lunar X-Prize, obtainable if they make the atonomous vehicle land on Moon, trael for at least 500 meters and send high-definition photographsback to Earth. GErman manufacturer Audi is their current helper in developing the rover.

It the team succedes they will receive 20 million dollars of prize, and the second place team will receive 5 million dollars. Extra money will be added if the bacis requirements are exceeded: travelling on further distance, detecting ice or visiting Apollo sties.

PT Scientists is planning to visit to the area where Appolo 17 astronauts explored the Moon in 1972 and it could be our first chance to see what happened to the remains of Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle.


The Google X-Prize requires its competitors to land their probes on the Moon in 2017. Lets wait and wwsee what surprises expect us.