Exhaust Sound Battle – GOLF MK5 R32 vs CORRADO 1.8 G60


Golf 5 R32 have the best exhaust sound of all VW Cars. 3.2 VR6 Engine + exhaust pipe make a loud sound. On the far side is another one icon of Volkswagen – Corrado 1.8 G60 .
Golf R32 (250 HP) VS – CORRADO 1.8 G60 ( 160 HP )

Who is louder  R32 OR CORRADO (If you can’t decide, look at some other videos below) ??
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I think that R32 is louder than Corrado, but Corrado is 1.8.. What will be happened if we compare with VR6 Corrado ?

No problem, we have video of Corrado VR6. Watch this video :