Which cars ladies find very hot?


I know you have always asked yourself this question. I found you the answers. The debate about which car should you drive to attract as much women as you want can end. Women have always been fascinated by powerful cars. You can see it by their looks on extremely good looking cars passing by.

This might actually surprise you. The insurance.com has conducted an online survey. It showed, actually, that women are most attracted to…


More specifically, the survey showed the most attractive truck is black colored Ford F-150. According to psychology, truck owners are connected with loyalty and this might be the reason why women like them, although, the truck won’t be enough. It has to be clean and tidy too. Since clean “room” means clean life it is surely going to convince women to believe in you and make her feel secure.



Sports cars almost took the first place in the competition. They could not be forgotten. Screaming power, sports cars are a magnet for hot girls who know what they want! Just be careful since they might only want your money. If they have to choose the color they will choose black, silver or red. That is probably BMW produces so many exterior red colors like on BMW z4.

The new BMW 3 Series Coupé (01/2010)



SUV drivers are adventurous and active. SUVs are perfect for attracting women who are courageous and adventurous just like you. Not to mention they took third place in the survey conducted.



Sedans are symbol of safe and sensible drivers which could be explanation of why it took one of first four places of the most appealing cars for women.