BMW art car takes form


John Baldessari is a 85 year old US artist with an unusual style of combining immages and text and using them as aart form. That is exactly what he did with his new assignment for BMW.

Baldessari created a design for BMW’s 19th art car for the 40th anniversary of the art car collection. The chosen car is a white BMW M6 GTLM that will race in January’s Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.


Baldessari is well known for his unique art style which he obvioulsy used this time too. The word “FAST” is spelled out on one side of the car and an image of a clean white version of the M6 GTLM on the other door. Red and green circle, signalizing respectively stop and go, decorate the front part. baldessari also thinks about all the new ways of filming used nowadays so he decided to place a giant red circle on the top of the car which purpose is to make the car stand out from overhead drne or helicopter shots.


However, M6 GTLM is Baldessari’s fisrt attempt to paint a 3D object, as hesaid, adding that the obvious satirical features have an art purpose.