ATTENTION: If you see this on your car here is what you should do!


Penny in the car door is the newest trick thieves use to steal the cars. If you see it read on to see what you should do with it.

When you get up in the morning and you need to get in your car FIRST check up your car’s doors properly.

Thieves have found this really intelligent way to trick you by putting a coin between the car door just like in the photo below. It will usually be on your passenger or rear door.


This is used to prevent that side from locking leaving it open and free for thieves to get inside without making any noise or strange movements.


All they need to do is waiting for you to come back and lock your door. If you haven’t noticed the coin it is going to do the job it is supposed to.

They don’t have to do anything else than get in the car and drive away while you are probably sleeping in your home.


Smart? Stop them!